NAEP-Howard Statistics and Evaluation Institute

Basic Quantitative Methods and Statistics Workshop

Monday-Friday June 4-15, 10am-2pm

CB Powell Communications Building, Room C-133K

Attendees will learn to:
1. Turn questions into testable hypotheses
2. Choose an appropriate study design
3. Collect data (computer-based, online, surveys)
4. Conduct appropriate statistical analyses
(correlation, ANOVA, and regression)
5. Use SPSS statistics package with step-by-step instructions
6. Evaluate findings and draw conclusions
7. Present YOUR research proposal and receive feedback .

 Jamie Barden, Ph.D.
 Department of Psychology

Class Slides

Example: Simple Linear Regression
Additional Material
       Van Camp, Barden, and Sloan (2010)

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Applications Closed Until Spring 2019

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