NAEP-Howard Statistics and Evaluation Institute

The Institute is comprised of workshops that bridge statistics and research methods.  More than 80 graduate students, research staff and faculty from the Howard community attend and complete our workshops each year.  The workshops are offered for FREE to the Howard community through the support of the NAEP-ETS Howard University Collaborative.  We look forward to offering a new set of workshops in 2015.  Below were our offerings in 2014: 

Basic Quantitative Methods and Statistics Workshop, May 5-16, 10:00-2:00 
Learn to test your research questions with a simple, well-designed experimental or correlational study with a single independent variable/predictor.  Receive hands-on instruction in SPSS for uni-variate correlation, ANOVA and regression analysis.
Instructor: Dr. Jamie Barden, Department of Psychology

Multivariate Research Methods and Statistics, May 19-30, 10:00-2:00  
Learn to identify which analysis to conduct when dealing with multiple independent variables/predictors and receive step-by-step instruction using SPSS for factorial ANOVA, multiple regression, moderation/mediation analyses and path analysis.  
Instructor: Dr. Kyndra Middleton, School of Education

Qualitative Research Methods Workshop, August 11-22, 10:00-2:00  
Learn various methods including ethnographic, structured interviewing, focus groups, content analysis, narrative inquiry, phenomenological studies, case study, observation, historical research, and action research.  The workshop includes hands-on instruction in NVIVO.
Instructor: Dr. Dawn Williams, Department Chair, School of Education

Brief Introduction to SPSS, April 18, 2:00-3:30pm 
Learn the basics of Statistics Package for the Social Sciences software, including simple correlation, analysis of variance, and regression.  In a short time get a sense of what this powerful tool can do for you through hands-on experience!  
Location: Louis B Stokes Health Sciences Library, Room 119, Instructor: Dr. Jamie Barden
For information email: Kristen Young 

2014 Institute Calendar  (202) 806-9451

The Institute is supported through the NAEP-ETS Howard University Collaborative.

Special Thanks to Jhan Berry, Executive Director of Talent Development and Diversity, ETS.

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